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Who We Are

Fit For The Role (FFTR) pronounced '"fitter" motivates girls and women to embrace leadership roles; we do so through education, support & empowerment. We believe that if you are confident and believe in your capabilities, you will be one powerful force to reckon with!


To inspire women and girls to believe that they can courageously pursue whatever profession and lifestyle they desire through education, support, and empowerment.


We want to witness women and girls take pride in who you are and pursue your passion in all aspects of womanhood. Whether as leaders in business, motherhood, or wifeyhood, we encourage you to live your lives from the inside out.

We are here to help women and girls from all backgrounds through education, empowerment and celebration. We want you to be proud of who you are despite your heritage and adversities.

Motto: With Courage and Grace

Audience: Girls and Women